Discipleship Tracts


We have a systematic tract for discipleship at Christian Chapel.  We encourage everyone to attend the classes and teaching as we grow in Christ together.


1. Connect (Fellowship) – Becoming Connected to Jesus Christ, the local church, and to other believers

2. Grow (Discipleship) – Growing In Relationship and Knowledge of God and His Word and Continual Personal Transformation

3. Equip (Ministry) – Prepare To Serve God In Many Areas; Help Others Connect & Grow;  Identify Your Gift

4. Multiply (Evangelism) – Training and Releasing Maturing, Servant Leaders


Click on the links below for the PDF booklets of our first step “Connect”.  For more information please email us at info@chapelproper.com


Discipleship Tract 1

Discipleship Tract 2

Discipleship Tract 3